Ke Museum of Fine Arts in Shanghai Adds Marc Leuthold’s Ivory Accretion to its Permanent Collection

The Ke Museum of Fine Arts in Shanghai has purchased Marc Leuthold’s Ivory Accretion for its permanent collection, following the exhibition “Encounter: Shanghai Contemporary Ceramics Experimental Art.”  24 Chinese and 8 foreign artists were invited to participate in the exhibition.  In a press release, the exhibit was described as a collision of various camps in the evolving arena of avant-garde ceramics.  Li Xiaoshan, Zhao Peishang, and Yuan Hong co-curated the exhibition.

Marc Leuthold at Marble and Sound Symposium in Arandjelovac, Serbia

Marc Leuthold and Ivan Djordjevic

In August 2020, at the invitation of artist and professor, Dr. Ljubica Jocic-Knezevic, Marc Leuthold participated in the three-week Marble and Sound Symposium – now in it’s 55 year.  This symposium is held in a 150-year-old park enclosing mineral springs and studded with marble sculptures created in the last half-century.  While there, in Arandjelovac, Serbia, Leuthold created a large marble sculpture with numerous apertures that reveal a collection of porcelain sculptures inside.  The sculpture, his first public work of art, will be installed in the park in 2021.  Many thanks to Symposium Director Katarina Perovic and stone mason, Ivan Djordjevic who were instrumental in carrying out an ambitious plan in record time. 

Marc Leuthhold at Terra Sculpture Symposium

Marc Leuthold (l) with Slobodan Kojic (r)

Artist Slobodan Kojic began Terra Sculpture Symposium 39 years ago in a vacant brick factory. Kojic – a major artist – represented all of Yugoslavia at the Venice Biennale exhibition in 1999. Inviting six sculptors this year and similar numbers in previous years, Kojic’s team built the world’s largest terracotta sculpture collection – now housed in the Terra Museum.  Terra, at the suggestion of artist Velimir Vukicevic invited Marc Leuthhold for a month of creation and artist fellowship.