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The site has been updated with images of new work. Please see the 2018 and Silhouettes galleries for details.

Marc Leuthold at Throckmorton Fine Art

Marc Leuthold’s work will be featured at Throckmorton Fine Art during Asia Week, March 15-24, 2018.

Spirit 2 Wins 2nd Prize at Blanc de Chine International Biennial Competition

In 2017, Leuthold was awarded a three month Blanc de Chine Fellowship by Yishu-8 Foundation, the Franco-Sino organization recently honored by French President Emmanuel Macron.  With support from Yishu-8, Leuthold worked at the Wanqi Art Center and the factory of Master Yen Songliu in Dehua, China.  Leuthold created Spirit 1 and 2 and related pieces during his stay.  Subsequently, Yishu-8 judges included Spirit 2 in an exhibition at the Musée des Confluences in Lyon, France.  The jury of the Blanc de Chine International Biennial Competition awarded Spirit 2 with second prize, 30,000 euros.  Spirit 2 is now in Beijing at Foundation headquarters along with the other award winning pieces.

Marc Leuthold Featured in New Ceramics

Marc Leuthold’s show at Gallery Marianne Heller in Heidelberg, Germany was recently reviewed in New Ceramics.

Marc Leuthold at Blanc de Chine Artist’s Residency

In 2017, Marc Leuthold spent three summer months as the awardee of a Blanc de Chine Artist’s Residency at the Wanqi Art Center. The award was sponsored by the Yishu-8 Foundation and Adam Yu of Beijing. Leuthold was nominated for the residency by artist and Dean Baiming of Tsinghua University, Beijing. Leuthold made sculptures, and an installation titled Esprit, and a video that documents the Esprit installation. The installation was created in the studio and with the cooperation of Song Liu Yen in Dehua, China.

Marc Leuthold at Marianne Heller, Heidelberg


Marc Leuthold’s work is featured along with that of Peter Callas at Gallery Marianne Heller in Heidelberg, Germany from July 10 to September 4, 2016. An essay by Dr. Walter Lokau accompanies the exhibition.

Marc Leuthold Featured in Universal Art

Marc Leuthold’s work is featured in a lavishly illustrated two-part feature in China’s Universal Art magazine.

Part 1

Part 2

Marc Leuthold Interviewed in New Ceramics

New Ceramics interview in September/October 2015 issue.

Marc Leuthold at Galerie Marianne Heller, Heidelberg

Bekanntes-Aktuell (00000002)

Marc Leuthold at the Oldenburg Museum of Art

On July 30th and 31st, the Werkschule-Werkstatt für Kunst und Kulturarbeit (an art school) in Oldenburg, Germany, will host Marc Leuthold’s masterclass and demonstration/lecture. This event is part of the so-called “Portrait” program and coincides with Leuthold’s exhibit at the Oldenburg Museum of Art and the Ceramics Market. Ceramicist Martin McWilliam will also be presenting. Please drop by if you are in the area.