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Spirit 2 Wins 2nd Prize at Blanc de Chine International Biennial Competition

In 2017, Leuthold was awarded a three month Blanc de Chine Fellowship by Yishu-8 Foundation, the Franco-Sino organization recently honored by French President Emmanuel Macron.  With support from Yishu-8, Leuthold worked at the Wanqi Art Center and the factory of Master Yen Songliu in Dehua, China.  Leuthold created Spirit 1 and 2 and related pieces during his stay.  Subsequently, Yishu-8 judges included Spirit 2 in an exhibition at the Musée des Confluences in Lyon, France.  The jury of the Blanc de Chine International Biennial Competition awarded Spirit 2 with second prize, 30,000 euros.  Spirit 2 is now in Beijing at Foundation headquarters along with the other award winning pieces.